Summer Vacation

Posted by admin on June 13

School out




School is out and it is vacation time!  We Care’s occupational therapist has some great ideas for traveling with children.  Try a few, or if it is a long trip, maybe all of them.

  1. Purses and containers with Velcro, snaps, zippers, etc. are not only fun but can help with fine motor skills.  Fill a purse or container with snacks or toys and let your child find the “treasures.”
  2. Get two or three view masters with a variety of your child’s favorite character ‘films’.
  3. Arrange cotton balls, small toys, or other smaller items on a tray and let your child use small tongs or clothespins to pick them up.
  4. Pack your child’s backpack with small books, a magna doodle, crayons, paper, stickers and their favorite small toy.
  5. Get some thick string or a shoelace, different types of cereal that can be threaded and let them make an edible necklace.
  6. Do ‘arms up high – touch the sky’ – deep pressure hugs – finger/toe pinches (not too hard – playful) – blowing on pinwheels plus stretching and breathing (have your child take a deep breath and then blow out the imaginary candle) can give a welcome break.
  7. Get a deck of ‘Go Fish’ cards. Tape one set of some of the pairs on the bottom of a tray and put Velcro dots on all of the cards. Have your child stick the matching card on.
  8. Get small flash lights and hide under the airline blanket or a blanket you have brought. Also, you could get ‘glow in the dark stickers’ to put on arms and legs.
  9. Get a small DVD player with headphones for movies and songs.
  10. Have extra baggies of fun things to do in your backpack to switch out when your child gets bored.

Have a wonderful trip!  Don’t forget calming music (for the kids and for you!)